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Havertown Pipe Replacement

The experts at John Luke Plumbing & Heating are always available to handle all of your Havertown pipe replacement needs. We can help with any aging copper or galvanized pipes which may be showing signs of wear. Whether you’re concerned about the state of your pipes or you just want to make sure they’re in good condition, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

John Luke Plumbing & Heating in Havertown services Wayne, Bryn Mawr, Narbeth, Newtown Square and the surrounding areas in Delaware County and the Main Line.

When to Call for Professional Pipe Replacement in Havertown

Although copper and galvanized pipes are durable and safe and may look fine on the outside, they begin to show signs of aging from the inside out. For many of the galvanized pipes in your home, you may begin to see a slight discoloration of your water or even begin to detect a change in its taste. This tint or strange taste in your water is from rusting within the pipes. This type of problem may not seem severe to begin with, but it will only get worse over time.

You may also need Havertown pipe replacement if you begin to notice a gradual increase in your water bill. This can be caused by older pipes that have begun to leak and need replacing. Putting off replacing these pipes is never a good idea. The damaged pipe will only get worse, sometimes very quickly. Not only will you be paying more on your water bill each month when you have a leak in your plumbing system, but there is a huge chance that water will damage your home or foundation if the problem isn’t addressed quickly. Fixing the pipes before any damage occurs can save you thousands of dollars. When it comes to prevention, new piping is essential to keeping your home in good shape.

Our Professional Pipe Replacement Services in Havertown and Narberth, PA

If you suspect you may need pipes replaced, contact the plumbing professionals at John Luke Plumbing & Heating today. Pipe replacement is our specialty and replacing pipes can help to offset any cost associated with increasing water bills or water damage later on. Our Havertown plumbers will explain to you what the best new pipes are for your home and install them in a timely fashion.