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Proudly Serving the Main Line and Delaware County Since 1990

Emergency Service Available


Havertown Kitchen Plumbing Services

If you are in the market for an upgrade to your existing kitchen or need emergency kitchen plumbing repairs, the plumbers at John Luke Plumbing & Heating are always ready to help. Our Havertown plumbers are fast, efficient, and they do quality work every time. We can work on any kitchen installation project regardless of its size. So no matter what type of kitchen plumbing service you need, give us a call today.

John Luke Plumbing & Heating in Havertown services Wayne, Bryn Mawr, Narbeth, Newtown Square and the surrounding areas in Delaware County and the Main Line.

Professional Kitchen Plumbing Installation Services in Havertown and Narberth

Our plumbers are able to install all makes and models of everything from rough plumbing to faucets and fixtures. Some of the most popular items we install in kitchens are dishwashers and garbage disposals.

Knowing you are hiring an experienced professional to do this type of work for you can ease your mind of any worries you might have. Our plumbers have years of experience working with all types of kitchen plumbing and appliances, and no job is too big or small. We work quickly and efficiently so you can use your new kitchen as soon as possible.

Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance of any appliance is necessary to avoid unnecessary repair costs and to keep it running at maximum energy efficiency. Taking the time to have a plumber complete routine maintenance on all of your kitchen plumbing can help you avoid many types of issues in the long run.

If your dishwasher or garbage disposal doesn’t seem to be working like it used to, give us a call. Our expert plumbers are quick to detect any problems with kitchen appliances and make the necessary repairs. We can also tell you if your dishwasher or other appliance is in need of maintenance or if it is time for a new one.

Kitchen Plumbing Dishwasher Installation

Installing a new dishwasher is no easy project, but our plumbers have done hundreds of them. We come to your home or office prepared with the correct tools and equipment to get your dishwasher up and running in no time. From proper sizing and fitting to installing a drain line to the trap, we can do it all.

Kitchen Plumbing Done Quickly

The professional plumbers at John Luke Plumbing & Heating come to the job site ready to work. With our experience we can work on any plumbing in your kitchen, quickly making repairs or completing an installation so that you can relax and begin using your kitchen again. Our licensed Havertown plumbers can answer any questions you may have, and they can also give you advice on the best way to maintain and properly clean any appliance and help to keep it running smoothly. We offer kitchen plumbing services to Havertown, Narberth, and the surrounding areas.