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Havertown Leak Detection Services

There are many types of leaks that can occur in your home, and it’s important to know when they occur. Any type of plumbing leak can cause extensive damage to your property and the longer it goes unaddressed, the greater that damage will be. If you notice your water bill is higher than normal or know of a leaky faucet or running toilet, give John Luke Plumbing & Heating a call. Our trained plumbers are able to pinpoint the location of any leaks or faulty plumbing and repair or replace any pipes, faucets, or other items that may be causing the problem.

John Luke Plumbing & Heating in Havertown services Wayne, Bryn Mawr, Narbeth, Newtown Square and the surrounding areas in Delaware County and the Main Line.

Leak Detection Services in Havertown and Narberth

There are numerous pipes working behind the scenes in every home. If you notice your water bill increasing without a corresponding increase in your household water usage, there is a good chance that you have a leak somewhere. Spotting a leak can help to prevent further damage and get your water bill back under control.

Our plumbers are skilled at finding leaks in pipes and connections, or those associated with appliances or other household items. The state of the art equipment we use allows us to access many hard to reach places and find the problem. Fixing the problem as soon as it arises can save you both time and money in the long run.

Professional Leak Detection in Your Havertown Home

Leaks can sometimes be tricky to find. Many times they are located in areas that aren’t occupied on a daily basis. Some of the more common hiding places for leaks are in irrigations systems, basements, under concrete slabs or even behind walls. When a water leak in the house goes unaddressed, it can create the optimal conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Both of these can do damage to the structure of your home and contribute to indoor air quality problems. Finding the leak and making the necessary repairs can help to reduce any future expenses.

Why Prompt Attention for All Leaks in Your Home Is So Important

Ignoring a leak will only allow it to do more damage. It may seem to be okay to keep wiping up the spot with a towel or cloth, but eventually the leak will get larger. Plus, you can’t see what’s going on behind the wall or ceiling that the water is dripping from. Getting us to fix the problem as soon as you notice it is the best way to minimize damage to your home and repair costs.

All of the Havertown plumbers at John Luke Plumbing & Heating are trained to find and fix leaks, even the ones you may not be able to see. Our professional staff is always ready to get to work to save you time and money by repairing any damaged pipes, hoses, or connections you may have. Call today to learn more about our leak detection services in Havertown and the Main Line.